An open letter to my younger sister

Hello there, little sister. My princess and baby sibling, or should I call you Wowwo? Like you used to call me when you were four.

But you are no longer four years old. No. You’re slightly older and you are turning into something I have feared for way too long now. You are turning into a woman.

I might not always be able to give prominence to the amount of love I carry for you, not even half of it. But no countless number of days or miles away from you will never change the fact of it.

Being apart from you as much as I have the last year distresses me, especially when you are going through an age in which you need me the most, us, your sisters. For we are four sisters partitioning a certain responsibility for you after the tragical loss of a beloved mother and we are now all in charge of looking out for you.

I might not always be able to be there for you, but as the brave and high-spirited woman you already are, it is looking bright for you. Remember to always stand up for yourself, which you already are- considering you persisted to follow her footsteps like the rest of us failed to. There are still hopes for you.

Become who you want to be and prioritize in order after what makes you the happiest, never be afraid to leave things behind as we grow apart from them, do not take people for granted and always keep in mind to treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.

Have fun, never underestimate your intelligence, make sound decisions, always believe in actions before words and be never stupid enough to let anyone talk their way in under your skin. Never lie to us, know that we are all human beings and making mistakes is better than lying about it. Kiss a guy only because you want to and please, oh please, never give in for a man just because it is tempting. He will have to work the field for months

(years, from a sisters’ point of view)

because you only deserve the very best and the rumor has it.

Never settle for less if you know you can do better, learn from our defeats but make your own mistakes too, don’t give in for peer pressure, try a drink or two if you’re in safe company and think you can handle it but always choose a breezer in a new bottle before a cocktail in a glass when you are in a bar. You will need your fair share of fun and I am willing to admit it. Try to keep in mind that alcohol always will lead you to problems and should only be consumed in small amounts.

Do not be upset with us for judging boys around you, mind your health since it is the most important thing you are the owner of, be grateful for things as we are now part of a very strange society and always tell people you love them before it is too late.

I am afraid to say that you will have your heart broken, more than once. The substance is that you will walk away from each heartbreak more high-powered and wise than ever. You will go through a period when you feel like our family is the least important unit present, when in fact the opposite is at stake. It is when you are older that you will understand. How the mother of our mother is the most beautiful, wondrous and admirable piece of woman on this planet.

I know that I am not always a great role model, neither are your other three older sisters, but we try to. We make an effort of always being there for you even when we are all spread out all over the map.

Just one more thing, never start smoking. Or I swear to God that I will hunt you down myself and make you suffer for each second you’ve spent with the single most disgusting thing ever created.

But that is only because I love you.
And I love the shit out of you.

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Kommentarer till detta inlägg

  1. sabina says:

    Åh herre vad fint! Och otroligt bra skrivet, dina texter lämnar alltid ett intryck hos mig och säkert hos många andra. Trots att detta var ett brev till din yngre syster så är detta även en text som andra kan ta åt sig av och ta lärdom av. Fortsätt skriv, älskar dessa texter!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Så jäkla fint o välskrivet, duktiga du :)

  3. Emina says:

    True mad endless love <3

  4. Sandra says:

    You’re a piece of a sister!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Mitt bästa beslut på denna vecka var att sätta mig ned & läsa din text. <3

  6. julia says:

    dina systrar måste vara glada över att ha en syster som dig! du verkar vara helt underbar! tack för texter som dessa, bör vi alla ta lärdom av! :)

  7. E says:

    Du behärskar skrift så jädra bra Jennifer. Du lyckas alltid sätta ord på känslor helt perfekt.

  8. Victoria says:

    jag hoppas innerligt att din mormor läser här för dt va den finaste mening jag hört ngnsin
    “How the mother of our mother is the most beautiful, wondrous and admirable piece of woman on this planet”

  9. Sandra says:

    Sluta ALDRIG skriva!!

  10. monika says:

    Åh så fint!!

  11. Emma says:

    Du har verkligen fått skriftens gåva, grym text!

  12. Emelie says:

    Här blev jag helt bölig av din vackra text. Ni systrar verkar ha världens finaste relation och det är ni värda.

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