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What lack of exercise does to you

min kille har bäddat ner mig eftersom min hjärna typ har gett upp. den sanna anledningen är att jag får stress av att inte hinna träna, min träning är som avslappning för hjärnan. imorgon får jag klämma in ett pass oavsett, jag hann med ett morgonpass i söndags men innan dess var det i onsdags jag fick träna senast. panik!

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Going through 2014

A fanatic, energetic and essential year is heading towards its end and I am trying to summarize these twelve months as shortly as I can. Yet I could sit here all day.

We encountered a year full of joy and emotions, both in terms of profits and losses. I have had incredibly fun and even made new friends along the way.

I celebrated two wonderful years in august with Timmie; my beloved boyfriend, funniest dance partner and biggest crush.

My dearest Argentinian friend Vicky managed to arrive from Brazil the same day my boyfriend travelled to Thailand for three weeks. It was so surreal seeing her in Sweden as we met during our years in Florence, and we had the best of times spending two weeks together in my home town.

Due to lack of time I was’t able to even travel half as much as I would have wished for. I did however manager to combine work with pleasure and fly to Florence with my sister to visit the annual Pitti Immagine fair, and spend four wonderful days in Malaga with my love.

Since I am an restless soul this year brough with it some true fun memories. I tried zip lining, painted a complete house, went to a Justin Timberlake concert, tried a climbing wall, went for go-cart racing, ice skated plus did our annual summer luge and trip to Liseberg funfair. I also threw my boyfriend a birthday party, got invited to Stockholm with a bunch of friends and went to bartender school. This together with tons of girl’s nights, themed parties (from princess to the nineties) and an epic halloween night.

Going back to Florence, I believe I truly had to travel back there again in order to get it out of my system. After leaving I always felt like there was a piece of me missing. Florence was literally lifechanging and I spent the best years of my life there, falling in love with the city, marketing, new friends and my boyfriend.

As the food junkie I am I’m always crushing on something edible. This year’s largest obsessions was by far banana pancakes, Holy Green’s selections of salads, Joe’s club sandwich and my home made chicken with salad and mango sauce.

My boyfriend lost a family member which left us both trying to cope with this huge loss. You will forever have a place in my heart.

I could almost say that I landed a new job twice this year. The first two months of the year I was working for a PR-firm (B2C) and after pitching a client I got head-hunted and offered a job. I decided to stay part time at my current job and begin part time as marketing assistant for our largest newspaper. After eight months combining both I decided to start working full time for my newest employer now working full time as project manager and marketer.

We left our duplex flat (where we could fit his motorbike in the hallway– amazing) to buy ourselves an apartment, we discovered however that we share this enormous pickiness. Which, of course, left us searcing for the right apartment for six months while renting my dad’s house as he lives with his girlfriend, also neighbour.

A whole bunch of them!

This year went by too fast for me to really believe it. I truly wish I could say we didn’t suffer from a major loss, but we did. 2014 surely had its ups and downs, we enjoyed the highest heights and fought through the lowest lows.

After all, I do consider this a good year. I wish some things would have turned out differently but other things couldn’t have ended better. There are a lot of highlight from this year and I have high hopes for you, 2015.

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My personality in ten bullet points

haha alltså, jag vet inte som är värst; att jag läser denna lista nedan och verkligen känner igen mig i varje punkt eller att min ena syster skickade den till mig med bildtexten ”Yepp, sounds about right, it’s YOU!”

på gott och ont, va?

man ba I bet my boss loves no. 1, 2, 5 and 6.

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Going through 2013

due to lack of time I have not been able to create the traditional year-recap like all previous years. instead here’s a shorter version highlighting the fundamental features.

I moved back to Helsingborg from Florence during the summer. after studying and working there I figured it’d be a smarter move for my career and encountered a large number of sleepless nights before packing my bags. I spent the first half of 2013 in Italy and the second half on home ground.

merely because I was living in Italy, last year’s vacations were short-distanced ones. a few travels within Italy, one week in Malaga and a few within Sweden; three trips to Stockholm, one weekend in Uppsala and a couple of road trips to small cities close by.

as a result of my relocation, I also landed a new job. from digital marketing in the fashion industry (B2C) to B2B in a PR-agency. besides this I also create collages for larger bloggers.

after refusing instagram for way too long, I decided to start posting during the spring. the niche came naturally and it grew fast as a workout-account from 0 to 15k followers, too fun! my blog has also increased its following and during the fall I reached the top 50 list of bloggers in Sweden. I’ve had the largest one in Helsingborg for a couple of years with a margin, thanks to you guys! ♥

gosh how much fun we’ve had throughout 2013! from renting a segway (third and last time; I’ve fallen off all three times!), to road tripping in italy and spain, going ”rodel”, spending a day at the funfair, paddling and biking on railroad tracks, visiting an extremely fun water park, playing with horses, going by bicycle in Tuscany, hiking and watching eagles, going on rounds with the motorbike, spending long nights in our outdoor jacuzzi, going windsurfing, bowling and tons of more stuff.

I’ve basically kept the same shape throughout this year, supposedly been at my best in August after finishing MP45. more importantly I still share the same bond to working out and am grateful to have such a healthy relationship to it. I have not grown tired of it and am just as excited to hit the gym regularly.

cupcake parties, birthdays, cooking competitions, barbeque nights, goodbye parties, interventions, various themed evenings and lots of girls nights. finishing off with two whole days of christmas celebrations with my amazing families. I miss my Italian ladies every day but feel so blessed to be able to see my Swedish ones on a regular basis. we’ve had a distance relationship for far too long.

this food year has been amazlingly tasteful! one favourite is my newly acquired love for breakfasts, and I thank The Diner in Firenze for introducing me to some proper alternatives. from several years of crispbread and honey dew melon I’ve finally added more products to the plate.

from having a distance relationship between Sweden and Italy for a year, I am now living with my man full time. to live with a guy after living with two girlfriends for two years is quite the difference – but I am loving it.

quite the upgrade in my closet, although my best buy this year is definitely my camera; Canon EOS 600D + new lense. besides an overload of exercise clothes I’ve gained a new electronic home. from a new blender, to a juicer, vacuum cleaner, large TV and kitchen supplies. and a couple of shoes, of course.

way too many.

2013 WAS A GREAT YEAR, and so will 2014 be. I believe a milestone is to be able to support the fact that you’ve grown. looking back at january a year ago I know that I’ve learned tons, developed in my field of work and gained rich of experiences. moving back to Sweden was a tough decision and I miss my Italy constantly. one day we’ll meet again.

more importanlty we haven’t had any major injuries or deceases in my sphere. we hit a few rocks during the last path of the year, and an acquaintance of mine lost her boyfriend which breaks my heart. yet we all continue to grow stronger and that is what we take from all of this.

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Queen Janni

jag inspireras sällan av människor trots att jag är väldigt lätt-imponerad. men en tjej som jag är helt såld på är Janni Deler (blogg Här). inte bara för att hon är helt fantastiskt vacker, har en karisma som heter duga eller är tillsammans med Jon Olsson vars bilar jag har dregglat över sedan Blondinbellas gamla kille Nils skrev om dem för alldeles för många år sedan. utan för att hon ovanpå det verkar sjukt sund och vettig.

och det prioriterar jag över yta alla dagar i veckan. och sen vet ni ju mig, jag totalälskar tjejer som gymmar.

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The power of five

något jag alltid har varit väldigt bortskämd med är min stora familj. och det enda jag skulle önska i framtiden är att få ge mitt egna barn lika många syskon, hur fan det nu ska gå till haha!

familjen är det absolut finaste man har och vi har alltid haft en sådan enorm glädje och mycket kärlek. trots att huvudpersonen inte är kvar längre så har vi gått igenom alla upp&nedgångar tillsammans.

med syrrorna på semester. det kan inte ha varit lätt att vara ensam man med sex kvinnor och lite husdjur haha! och alltid var det något som gick snett; eli tappade sin glass varje gång vi var på väla, natta spillde ut cola varje gång vi var på restaurang och så skulle vi alltid hitta på de sjukaste busen. hade lätt kunnat skriva en bok om allt hahah.

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